how to paint Furby eyes : A fun guides

You probably don’t want to destroy your best friend’s Furby if you are like me. You would have probably given up before doing too much damage to yourself. but every time they asked how to paint



Painting the Furby Eyechip would be a bit crazy, but if you follow the steps, you can get what I’ve shown here. Everything I tried worked. He tried sticking pins into his eyeballs to poke out his eyes. they would not budge.

how to paint Furby eyes

how to paint Furby eyes: step by step guides

To get a nice looking finish, here are some things I recommend:

  1. You can easily clean up acrylic paint if you paint as I teach you.
  2. Before you start, you have to be very careful about

    spray paints

  3. Try not to use a clear nail polish topcoat that’s too thick like that fancy quick-drying stuff. Could you test it out on some plastic first?
  4. If you don’t want to get an eye infection, remove your contacts for at least one hour before putting them back in.
  5. You may be disappointed by the results. Don’t choose this option if you’re not sure. Even if you’re going to give up on the hot glue method, please at least try it. Fixed eye chips will never look as good as painted ones. Even if they look alright, they won’t be in the same category. As eye chips (or echolenses), they will look different for better or worse. Take some close looks at doppelgängers’ eyes if you want a better idea.

This is optional, but it’ll make you feel better if you’re paranoid.

To remove the actual eyeballs from the Furby, you’ll need to skin it. You’ll then need to give its fur a good scrub. It’ll take some time for that to dry.

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To remove the eyes, you need to push out a silver bar that runs through them and the eyelids, but it may be challenging. Just grab a needle, paper clip, or something else. Ta-da! There goes your furrowed brow.

Put that bar somewhere safe. It’s the most critical thing you will ever have. Please don’t lose it. Now that you have your Thursby get out your acrylics.

Tips for painting Furby’s eyes

The goal was not to have any streaks in the paint, but I failed because my chips had a rougher surface. There is still hope for you, so pay attention.

If you want to avoid streaks when painting, you may have heard that you need to paint in fragile layers of watery paint. It takes a long time.

Gradually build up color; if there are any streaks in the wet paint, they will likely show when the paint dries. Don’t take chances.

There’s an indentation between the chip and the eyeball. If you use too much pressure when applying the paint, it will hold back the color slightly, but don’t be afraid to lean on it because you need a steady hand. If you can’t do that, accept your mistakes if that’s not something you can do. Don’t worry, and I’ll still love you even if things don’t go according to plan.

After you’ve built up a solid foundation of colors and are happy with the clarity of the lines, go free, and create your design! Get down with your bad self. Get undressed, and the worst is almost over.

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If you’re doing a top-down gradi­ent, make sure that both eyes are on the same sheet of paper.

Things that work:

  1. Add metallic or chrome powder to your face first before adding glitter.
  2. For gradients, soft or hard pastels, make sure that they are appropriately set so that they don’t go everywhere once you seal them.
  3. Experimenting is fun.


If you’re planning on adding glitter to your eye chip, grab your topcoat and put some on just the eye chip. Add another drop if you want to add more glitter. Don’t be mad at me if this goes wrong. I haven’t made the glitter yet. Please wait until it dries. Then if there are any exposed glittery spots, add another thin layer of polish and let dry.

Congratulations! You’re done—high five yourself.


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