how to paint a champagne bottle : super guides

When I was younger, I used to paint champagne bottles as a hobby. Now I’m addicted to it. It’s so fun, relaxing, surprising, and surprisingly easy. The best part is drinking the champagne after you’ve finished.

so in this guide i am going to share with you guys how to paint a champagne bottle. i am really excited to share my process that i followed.

This is the perfect gift for any special occasion, including birthdays, holidays, engagements, and weddings. Today I’ll share some tips for how to easily decorate a champagne bottle. Have fun

Things you will need before paint a champagne bottle

You can use any type of champagne bottle, but Veuve Cliqquot is the most common for painting. You could also use sparkling cider or sparkling lemon juice for painting. You don’t need any special kind of bottle.

how to paint a champagne bottle : step by step guides

Step 1: removing the label from the bottle

Remove the label from the back of the bottle first. It’s not mandatory, but if you want to get better results, you may want to add some extra paint. To do this, remove the sticker from its backing using a hairdryer. Hold the label on the corners for about 30 seconds each time. Don’t heat the champagne inside. It will ruin the bubbles.

Next, start peeling off the label. After applying the sticker, there will be a sticky residue remaining on the surface. Use the goof off method, olive oil, or warm water with dish soap to get rid of it. Scrubbing away at it with an olive oil or dish soap will help loosen up the dirt. Before moving on to the next stage, be sure to thoroughly clean the entire bottle.

how to paint a champagne bottle
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Step 2: Tape off the foil with label and painters

Next, you want to tape off the foil and label with painters tape so the

spray paint

doesn’t ruin it. Covering the neck of the bottle first with plastic wrap helps prevent spills. When I’ve tried this method, the tape tends to peel off the paper seal from the top of the cap when I put the tape directly on the cap.

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Next, carefully wrap the neck of your bottle in painters tape so that no liquid gets inside. It takes some practice and patience to get the lines even around the edge of your face. Use smaller pieces for making the round part of the stickers and do them in sections. Make sure you put a fairly thick layer of spray paint on the wall before applying the tape. Tape off the front label too.

Step 3: Slowly start the painting

It’s time to start painting! Before applying any paint, spray the entire container with a primer that is appropriate for multiple surfaces (plastics, glass, metals, woods, etc.). If you want to ensure that the bottle is fully opaque before applying foundation, you could use a white primer. However, if you don’t mind using a clear one, you could use that instead. Just do an even coat and let it dry for about 30 minutes.

how to paint a champagne bottle step by step guides
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Step 4: Gently spray paint your color

Once the primer has dried, you can spray paint your color. Spray paint lightly and evenly onto the entire bottle. Wear gloves to avoid getting paint or any other kind of liquid on your hands. It takes time to get used to this new way of eating.

To avoid dripping, spray at a distance so that the paint doesn’ t clump or drip. Drips can form if you spray too close or heavily and can ruin your bottle by creating lumps in the paint. Apply one coat, wait for it to dry completely (about 30-60 minutes), and then apply another coat. Repeat until the bottle is fully opaque. Usually, only two layers are needed, especially if you’re using a white primer.

Note: I just grabbed whatever spray paint we had lying around in the garage. Though I’ve used this primer and paint combo three times now, I haven’t tried any other brands yet, but I will say I do really like these ones.

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Step 5: Dry out the paint

When the paint has dried completely, you can remove the pain­ters tape. Make sure you do this carefully so you don’t damage the paint. You may choose to skip this step if you wish. like i showed on my previouse post how i

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If you’re going to be decorating bottles with paint pens or drawing with pencils before spraying them, I recommend sealing the spray paints with Mod Podge or a clear coat so they don’t get marked. You don’t need to use an exacto knife if you’re just freehand painting.

Step 6: Creating the patterns and design

To create a gingham pattern, I first sealed the spray paint with mod­ podge to avoid the paint coming off. To prevent brush strokes on your smooth surface, use a foam brush when applying mod podge. Spread a thin layer over the entire container and let it dry. The mod podge is white but it always dries clear, even if it’s not completely dry. For the best results, I recommend the matte finish

Creating the patterns and design
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You don’t need to decorate just one way There are so many pictures on Pinterest or Instagram that you can use as inspiration. When searching for “painted veuves,” “paint­ed champagne bottles,” or similar phrases, you’ll receive better results. Acrylic paint pens give artists a lot of control when they’re using them. You don’t need a whole lot of brushstrokes. If you don’t have any desire to spend lots of money on art supplies, then just stick to using acrylic paints.

If you don’t have any particular design skills, here are some tips for creating designs. Use a pencil to sketch out your design before using a pen. If you make a mistake and want to correct it, you can use a damp cloth to wipe away any marks left by the pencil. Don’t remove your base coat until you’re sure you’ve completely dried it.

You can also use templates on the bottle to help create designs. Stencils often come in a sticker that can be applied to the bottle, painted over, and then peeled off. Spray painting is not something I’ve done before, so I’d advise caution if you decide to use it.

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Step 7: Draw the outline

My final tip is to paint the designs on paper before starting to draw them. You could start by printing out an outline of a design on paper, painting directly onto the paper with paint pens and brushes, and cutting it out. Then, just brush a thin layer of Mod Podge on the back of a piece of paper and stick it directly on top of the bottle. It’s not immediately obvious that the paint isn‘t directly applied to the glass, but it’ll be surprisingly smooth if you can prevent wrinkles or folds in the newspaper.

Final step : Chill out the bottle

The final step is to seal your art work. To protect the paint, use a good quality acrylic primer. Opening the bottle won’t harm the paint. Be careful when removing the foil from the top. To avoid splitting the foil, follow the perforated lines.

If you plan to chill your champagne in an ice bucket, put the ice in a plastic grocery bag (see below). Don’t use a regular plastic bag because the ice may melt through the bag and into the champagne. To protect the paint, I use cold ice and water to clean it.

If you’re worried about ruining a higher end bottle of champagne, practice with an inexpensive bottle of sparkling wine or prosecco. As you go through life, you’ll learn what works best for you. You’ll then be able to apply those lessons to future situations.


That’s all Hopefully these tips were useful and inspired you to decorate bottles for yourself or others as a hobby or gift! It certainly takes practice, but if you’re patient and keep trying, you’ll get a perfectly painted bottle in just a few tries. If all else fails and you’re out of ideas, just open the bottle of champagne and drink it. Cheers!


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